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Top 7 Rainy Day Activities for the Family

Gloomy days often fizzle out fun outdoor activities, making children upset. As a parent, I know how it feels when the kids have nothing to do; they end up getting restless and in the worst case scenario, throw tantrums when they’re completely unhappy of being locked up and feeling bored.

I’m pretty sure you have experienced this yourself hence looking up the net and reading about ‘rainy day activities” as last resort. Good news is: it doesn’t have to be tough for both parents and children.

Below is a list of 7 rainy day activities my family enjoy doing the most – which I’m sure you will too:


1. Baking – Grownups and kids alike adore the scent of freshly, baked, oven-warm chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes! Bake a batch or two, experiment with additional ingredients you can throw in like marshmallows or crushed candies.  Trust me, no one will be complaining!


2. DIY crafts – Scrapbook making is one activity everyone in the family won’t mind doing. It’s sentimental brings the family together plus, it allows creative thinking and artistic skills!


3. Indoor camping – Kids especially love to take the sheets out and build a tipi-like structure where they can hide. Join your kids inside their humble abode and tell them stories they’d love to hear.


4. Warm, fuzzy bubble bath – Rainy days conjure up little joys in life. Fill the tub with lukewarm water and bubbly soap, lit up scented candles and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating bath.


5. Playdough – Allow your kids to find comfort in artistry. Children love play dough because they can make and create anything with it. If you don’t have playdough, make homemade clay dough using basic kitchen ingredients.


6. Interior decorating – This activity calls for the act of responsibility. This is an awesome opportunity to let your tweens or teens express themselves through rearranging their bedroom.


7. Charades – “A family that plays together, stays together”.  Fill your home with fun and laughter by acting out charades. Everyone in the household can participate.

5 Clever and Creative Indoor Games for Kids

“Rain, rain, go away, little children want to play…” Parents, does this sound familiar to you? I bet it does. It’s heart breaking to find our little ones peering down the window with a sad look on their faces  because they want to run outside and play when they just can’t with the bad weather.

Restricting your kids from outdoor activities doesn’t have to be harsh.  You can remedy your child’s heartache with fun-filled, stimulating, and interactive indoor games for kids – everyone would definitely enjoy.

Here are some clever and creative ideas to keep the worries and restlessness away, especially on a rainy day:


  • Board and Family games –For preschoolers, Harvest time fosters a positive play experience while nursery rhyme games are educational and quick to learn. For kids in school, train them with a strategic game like Chess, Stacks or the all-time favorite, Monopoly. For tweens and teens, Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue.


  • Puzzle and Treasure Hunt – Play a game that uses all 5 senses. Draw a map and cut it up to let the kids rearrange the puzzle. Once completed, they should find the hidden treasure where a prize awaits!


  • Touch-and-Feel box – Preschoolers anticipate this guessing game because they find the challenge entertaining. Take a shoe box and cut a hole on one of the sides big enough to put a child’s fist in. Place an item inside the box and have them guess what it is.


  • Simon says – Such an old but timeless game this is – choose one player to be Simon (the leader) and whatever Simon says, the rest should follow except that the leader should say “Simon says” at every commandment.


  • Paper bag skits – This game is best played within large groups or playmates that are sleeping over. Group the kids and give each set a bag filled with goodies. Give them at least 15 minutes to make a skit using these props. This game is loads of fun and a sure win for everyone!